Day Eighty Five-Theme: Entrance

Today we had the first tour of our new school. It is amazing!!  This is what will be the new entrance to the building.  You can see the old building on the left.  The new school was  literally wrapped around two sides of the old as it was built.  You can imagine how delicate the operation of taking the old building down, planned for this summer will be-can you say photo op?



~ by Carol on March 27, 2009.

7 Responses to “Day Eighty Five-Theme: Entrance”

  1. I love the smell of detonators in the foundations, sorry another life, that should produce some unique shots for you.

  2. Looks like it will welcome the kids nicely! Great shot!

  3. Nice and bright and I hope airy? Should be a nice place to work and interact with the pupils, yes? Good shot.

  4. Great shot for the theme and it is really interesting how they are doing this new construction/demolition. I’m sad about the loss of that old brick building though….

  5. Julie-don’t be sad…over the years, and following a fire in the 50’s (night fire-no one was hurt), the roof was lopped off, and any interesting architectural detail was ripped out. Trust me, it’s a dump…lol-I am not going to miss the mice, the furnace that hasn’t worked right for five years, the asbestos, mold and broken floor tiles…

  6. Well in that case 😉 sounds like a big improvement and that’s impressive work to be so close to the old.

  7. Great photo ops for sure!!

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