Day Eighty Eight-Theme: Eyes

I have generally tried to avoid special effects as part of post processing because I figure that this is a photo challenge and not a photoshop challenge, but in yesterday’s exercise picture I wanted to highlight the theme without losing what I thought was a lot of pretty scenery.  The colors were out of the camera and the idea of cropping all of that out…

And today?  I had to, just had to.  This is his eye color-no enhancement at all.



~ by Carol on March 29, 2009.

10 Responses to “Day Eighty Eight-Theme: Eyes”

  1. Wow, beautiful eyes (and I like the effect!)! 🙂

  2. Awesome eyes. I like the B&W with just the eyes coloured.

  3. This photo is what that effect is all about!

  4. The effect gives him an “other worldly” look. Imagine if everyone looked like that? Lovely eyes. The effect could grow on me, I expect. Good job.

  5. Mr. Blue Eyes, himself! Gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful job on those eyes! Just fantastic!

  7. Gives kind of an eerie look.

  8. My thought is, its about photos and challenging myself to create them better and reflect myself in my art. I use some Photoshop, Elements, Corel Painter and just plain straight out of the camera shots too! I think this is a delightful picture, He is adorable and the girls will soon be falling all over him with those eyes, LOL.

  9. Amazing color and a fine shot.

  10. Very neat photo. His eyes are beautiful.

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